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Imprint & Apparel Design

Imprint & Apparel Design

Whether you need a design for a custom promotional product or a shirt, we have the expertise to generate a design for your custom imprint.

Often, designs for products such as pens, cups, boxes, etc. require you to provide one-color artwork. This means that you’re limited to only one color to make your design unique, visible, and dynamic. Visionary Design Group has designed countless one-color imprints, and are experts in ensuring your design is good quality and easily seen. We always take the background of the product the design would be imprinted on into consideration, often using this as a secondary color in the artwork itself. See what a difference a quality design can make, even with a one-color imprint.

Aside from one-color designs, we are often asked to make artwork ‘work’ with only two or three colors, especially for screen printed apparel. If you have a design that incorporates several colors, we can help you limit the palate while keeping your design intact. We’ve often taken complex logos and event images and re-created them in two, three, or four color format. Just like with a one-color design, we often use the background the imprint will be on as another color in the design.

If you need a great design in a specific format, let us help you create an imprint design that works for your business.

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