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Logo Design & Branding

Logo Design & Branding

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public recognition.

Whether you represent a business, individual, or event, good logo design can set you apart from your competition and aid with customer recognition. At Visionary Design Group, we’ve designed many logos, and have the expertise to make sure your logo works for your business. We specialize in creating one-color logos which can then be turned into full color versions of the design. Having your logo able to be printed in one color allows for easy design and lower costs for imprinting on promotional products, apparel, signage, and more.

We’ve generated many logos from scratch, updated existing logos to make them more modern, worked from sketches, photographs, concepts, and more. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for as your logo design or need a selection to help you narrow your choices, Visionary Design Group can help you create a strong and unique logo. Usually, we create several versions and concepts for your logo with different icons and font choices, and then have you specify what you like and don’t like to tailor your design specifically to your preference.

A dynamic logo can set your business apart and help form your complete brand identity. Call us today to learn more and discuss your ideas for your logo design.

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