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Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Promotional Products 

Promotional products take many forms – from pens and sticky notes to high-tech items like headphones and portable batteries – the common element is that they are branded with YOUR name and LOGO.

The goal is to create a lasting impression with your customer / client – keeping your company “top of mind” and easy to refer or return for follow-up sales!

Common items include pens, sticky notes, cups, mugs, travel cups, mouse pads, lip balms, hand sanitizers, nail files, note pads, bags, totes, magnets, drinkware, calendars…and of course, fidget spinners!

However, the options today are nearly limitless! We can add your logo to a variety of high-tech products like blue-tooth speakers, headphones, and even your own customized drone! USB Flash Drives also extremely useful for your client/customer and keeps your brand and logo in front of them for a long period of time.

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Do Promotional Products Work? YES!

Promotional products inspire action, increase your customer’s recognition, and build loyalty and positivity for your brand. They develop more brand recognition than other types of print or physical advertising, and represent the lowest cost per impression. Check out the videos below from PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) to learn more on how promotional products can positively impact your business.

Still can’t decide? Here are some handy stats to help you understand why promotional products can work so well for your business:

1. Positive Influence
83% of people surveyed are more likely to do business with advertisers after receiving a promotional product, with as many as 8/10 people developing a more favorable impression of the advertiser.

2. Attract Business
87% take further action after receiving a promotional product, and 85% have done business with an advertiser on a promotional product after receiving the item.

3. Brand Recognition
9/10 people who receive a promotional product recall the brand on the item. 6/10 can recall the message or call to action.

4. Continued Exposure
80% keep their promotional product for over a year, with 8/10 people passing unwanted promotional products along to others instead of throwing it away.

What does this mean?
Promotional products can increase good will, brand recognition, customer acquisition, response rates, website traffic, market share, and more for your business. Promotional products also have one of the lowest cost per impression in the United States at an average of 0.7 cents per impression (compared to 3.2 cents for newspapers, 2.5 cents for Television, or 2.4 cents for magazines). Let Visionary Design Group help you find the best promotional products to help you reach your customers – contact us today!

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Types of Promotional Products

Bags & Totes

Canvas Bags. Coolers. Luggage. Totes.

Pens & Stylus Pens

Hundreds of Styles. Stylus Options. Custom Colors & Inks.

Trade Show / Expo

Displays. Giveaways. Decorations.

Printed / Paper

Notepads. Sticky-Notes. Calendars


Promotional Product Samples


Featured Clients Promotional Products Portfolio

Wilson County HR

Drinkware. Bags. Speakers.


Bags. Drinkware. Umbrellas.

Performance Foodservice Nashville

Aprons. Bags. Flashlights.

Action Restoration

Pens. Drinkware. MousePads.

Sparks King Watts Reddick

Pens. Drinkware. Bags.

Peoples Home Equity

Sports. Drinkware. Fidget Spinners.

Regional Medical Group

Drinkware. Pens. Tech. Fun.

Wilson Bank & Trust

Coasters. Cooler Seats. Unique Items.

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